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St. Joseph is a commune in the French department of Reunion area. On its district is the southernmost point of the national and European territories.
The territory is crossed by the river Remparts and Langevin river.

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The municipality organizes every year in November (8 to 11) a party around turmeric "the Saffron party." It takes place in the heart of Creole ™ Village of the Plain of breeches, capital of Safran Pei. Since December 2005 she organized the December 18 to 20 "Nights of the peak" in the cave swallows.

The city is a showcase for his label "Creole Villages" gaps.

A lot of sites are accessible from Saint Joseph.

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In the aera :

  • The Plain of breeches where saffron grows country.
  • Grand Bend perched between the walls carved by the volcano.
  • Matouta or Flat Rock are little nooks with endearing charm of secluded places.

In the bottom of Saint Joseph :

  • Manapany to the natural pool.
  • Vincendo the beach shaded by vacoas.
  • Langevin in the series of pools and spectacular waterfalls.

With many sights and walking and hiking paths throughout the region offers an incredible diversity of landscapes to everyone, gentle walkers as confirmed hikers.

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