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Bubble Dôme Village - Petite-Ile
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How to privatise the site ?

Just call to establish your needs and determine the number and distribution of people in the domes. Then the booking is made on the site. Contact-us

What are the hours of arrival and departure ?

Arrivals are from 15h30 until 20h00 at the least.

Departures are until 11h00 at the latest.

Hoever in case of problem thank you to inform us in advance.

How do I cancel my reservation ?

Just go on the unsubscribe link that was sent with your confirmation KE-BOOKING. The costs incurred are defined in our terms and conditions.

How many people can you accomodate in a dome ?

For VENUS, MARS, PLUTON, JUPITER, SATURNE domes : 3 adults OR 2 Adults and 2 children.

For the suites CASSIOPEE et SATURNE : 3 adults OR 2 Adults and 2 children.

Baby pay it ?

The extra 10 € per night applies to babies too.

We can provide you with a cot on request when booking bed.

Is there a WIFI ?

Yes! In the communal garden only on request. Streaming and downloading is prohibited.

How it happens in case of cyclone ?

Although our structures resist high winds, when orange and red alert during your stay, the domes will be removed and we will refund or will move if possible stay. These conditions do not apply in case of early warning.

The domes door-lock ?

No, because it is useless! However there is always a person on the site, and we have to date been no security issue on the site. However, remember not to leave any valuables.

The site and platforms are they safe for young children ?

Yes! There is no direct access to the road, the garden is fenced and platforms are equipped with barriers to standards so that a child can not climb over or through.

Can we smoke in the domes ?

No. However it is possible to smoke on your platform and in public areas.

What time should we respect the silence ?

Except in the case of privatization of the site, we ask you not to put loud music and have a reasonable volume after 22H.

Winter is it cold in the dome ?

No ! Beds have electric blankets !