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Bubble Dôme Village - Saint-Joseph
Rules and Conditions of Rental

Tenant must comply.

All rentals are personal and can not be ceded.

The Bubble Dome Village accepts no liability for theft, fire, weather, or other events.

Pets are not allowed.

The rent will be considered only after the payment of a deposit of 25%. Written confirmation or email will then be sent. Effective rent subject to credit check booking.

The tenants should be insured for liability.

The lessee shall in no circumstances invoke the right to remain on the premises at the expiration of the lease period initially specified in this Agreement unless we agree otherwise.

The guests are not allowed.

Please note that at all times the safety of children rests with their parents, who are civilly and criminally liable, even when using the structures provided.

Noise : The Total silence is between 22 hours and 8 heures.En for serious misconduct (noise, sensitive, non-compliance with rules, ...) the offender will be expelled without be eligible for any refund whatsoever.
Any damage will be charged to the author.

This royalty payment is made in full upon arrival after the site visit. It can be done by check or cash.

No reduction, no refund, no compensation will be given for any reason whatsoever.

The blue cards and international checks are not accepted.

Check-in is between 15:30 and 19:00. Think of us with their estimated time of arrival. Departures between 8:00 and 11:00 in order to better organize the inventory started.

The inventory, inventory of furniture and miscellaneous equipment must be established at the beginning and end of stay.
If the tenant can not attend the inventory of departure (departure by night example), the deposit will be returned to him by post, within 15 days, less, if applicable, by the landlord, the amounts payable by the lessee for rehabilitation places, various repairs,...

Renting domes is for 2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults (For the dome 2: DELUX only 2 adults).
Any additional person, according to the lease will be denied
Only reserved registrants at the time of booking will have access.
For unreported delay renting becomes available 24 hours after arrival and settlement services will be required.

If canceled: You will be retained or to duty as compensation for breach of contract:

In case of early termination of the stay or late arrival, there will be no refund from us. You will then directly contact with cancellation insurance, after delivery of our justification.

With his departure, the tenant agrees to leave the premises as clean as he found on his arrival. All the equipment listed in the inventory must be returned to the place it occupied at the time of entry into the premises.
Repairs, howsoever important, made necessary by the negligence occupant will be responsible.

For the comfort of all, please note that smoking is prohibited in the domes.