Bubble Dôme Village. Logo.
Bubble Dome Village. Little Island site. Double domes. Hotel formula with high comfort. Showers or bath, private area and private bathroom.
Bubble Dome Village. Saint Joseph site. Simple domes. Self-contained cottages. Bed, private area, shower and private bathroom, private kitchen.

Welcome on Bubble Dome Village

Bubble Dome Village is a new eco-friendly accommodation concept that offers a perfect blend of comfort and nature.

6 years ago there was no unusual structure in Reunion! Our idea was to propose an alternative to mass tourism in an ecological approach.
The principle of our villages being to reconnect with nature we had to find natural spaces, far from the urban environment ensuring the tranquility and calm that our customers are looking for and for that the South Wild offers an authentic environment of Reunion which is still preserved from mass hotel constructions.

Bubble Dome Village ranks among outdoor tourist accommodations, glamping, unusual vacation rentals. It is suitable as well for families as for couples seeking an unusual setting to spend a moment in love.

The proximity to the beach of Grand Anse, the Manapany basin, as well as the many ballads in the high (domain of the relay ...) combine the beach and mountain sides perfectly

The village of Saint-Joseph operates as a self-contained formula with private kitchen and bathroom and private toilets and catering service delivered morning and evening..

The village of Petite Île operates as a double-domed hotel formula and on-site catering.